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Smartzone Business Smart Ireland

Smart isn’t just for the home. Business owners now have the opportunity to power their premises with award winning Business Automation Solutions.

Smartzone’s Business Solutions works perfectly for small to medium sized businesses ensuring employers are receiving the best and most economical services. The system encompasses all the features of the smart business to provide greater insights, protection and energy management.

Businesses are thrust into a modern and future proof environment which promotes for smoother running of their property. Owners are in direct control, no matter where they may be, through a single app making management simple and efficient.

Are you a business owner? Here is how Smartzone for Business can greatly benefit you and your premises.

  1. Keep You Connected

Through use of the app you hold the ability to control your business from anywhere in the world. You get direct insight into what is happening at any given moment. This gives for greater control over security challenges. Did your employee forget their access code? Use the app to remotely unlock the door and disarm the security system!

  1. Remember the important things

Unfortunately humans can’t remember everything. With Smartzone you don’t have to. You will receive alerts and reminders so nothing is forgotten. If your employee forgets to lock the doors, or arm the alarm when they leave, you will receive an alert with its own “Lock” or “Arm” button. Just tap the button once and your business will be instantly secured. You also have a choice to set up auto-arming to have your alarm arm itself at the same time every day.

3: See What’s Happening

Smart Video Monitoring lets you see what is happening on your premises through your phone or tablet. If you receive an alarm alert during the night you can live stream through the app – potentially saving yourself a long drive for a false alarm.

Smartzone Business Automation Ireland

4: Make access easy for employee

Our Smarter Access Control replaces the need for keys. Smart locks and User Codes make for easier access as they can be managed from the apps dashboard. Smarter access allows for quick set up, customization and revoke permissions for incoming and outgoing employees.

5: Minimise Energy Waste

Ever walked into your property to notice that it is extremely warm? The Smartzone Smart Thermostat recognises when a business closes every day and decreases temperatures automatically saving energy and money until you re-open in the morning.

6:Set thermostat restrictions

Your employees may have a habit of increasing the temperatures while your away. With Smartzone Smart Business you can set thermostat restrictions so employees can only set temperatures within a pre-set range.

If you are interested in making your business smarter with our Automation Solutions please call our Sales Team on 0818222926 or complete the form below.


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