Smartzone SEAI Heating Controls Grant

SEAI Grant for Smart Heating Controls

Is your home eligible for the SEAI Heating Controls Grant? If yes, then you can get FREE Heating Controls with our Smart Home Security Package.

Smartzone are partnered with the Sustainable Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to offer accessible energy efficient heating controls at a reduced price.

Customers can get our Smart Heating Controls for no extra cost with our Smart Home Security Package or on their own, as a standalone product, for just €399! No need to worry if you’re confused by the SEAI Heating Controls Grant as Smartzone will take care of the whole application process for you. 

Why You Should Avail Of Heating Controls

Smartzone Save Energy Heating Controls

Reduce Your Energy Usage

Heating Controls are an effective way of reducing the carbon footprint produced within your home. Your home’s energy use could be cut by up to 20% by installing Heating Controls.

Smartzone Smart Thermostat Ireland

Heat Your Home When You Need

Remotely adjust the temperatures in your home at any time. You can also set schedules so your thermostats or hot water will automatically adjust when you want.

Smartzone Zoning Hot Water

Zoned For Greater Efficiency

3 zoned heating means that you can adjust the temperatures of downstairs, upstairs and hot water independently.

Who Can Apply for the SEAI Grant?

All homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2006 can apply. However, if you have claimed the Heating Controls grant previously your home will not be eligible again.

SEAI Grants are applicable to houses and not the persons applying. Therefore, if you have two homes that are eligible for the grant, you can claim two separate grants for each property. 

Homes built from 2006 onwards would not require significant upgrades due to updated Building Regulations and are therefore not grant eligible. 

You can find the year your home was built by checking the installation date of your electricity meter. 

For more information on the Better Energy Homes Heating Controls Grant check out the SEAI website at