Common burglary techniques and prevention

Common techniques used by burglars in Ireland

Stealing is definitely a known occurrence in Ireland. It’s essential that house owners do all that they are able to secure their homes from crime. So, in addition to install a security system in your residence, are there any other means to guarantee safety?

The crucial concept here is to think like a thief – not for the purpose of causing damage to the public, but simply to understand the primary strategies they use when breaking and entering. Is there anything you could do to stop them utilising their favourite methods? Continue perusing to familiarise yourself with how to boost your home’s safety.

Risk is higher for vacant properties

A deserted dwelling can be an attractive target for a thief, as the convenience of not being perceived is attractive. From caching in on personal social media accounts to anticipate the dates of holidays, to finding out if mail is overflowing, there are several methods that burglars use to determine whether your property is or will soon be empty.

Hence, how can you prevent your house from becoming a victim? To begin with, if you are fortunate enough to be going away on vacation, try to keep the online sharing to a minimum. Of course, this isn’t to say that holiday pictures are off limits, but be mindful of who has access to your profile – modify your account to private if you need to make a post.

On the other hand, you might choose to trust an esteemed neighbour in looking after your home when traveling. Rather than placing your key beneath the doormat – a place robbers naturally will check – your Smartzone home security system allows you to add extra users for increased safety. Your neighbours can easily activate and deactivate your system, guaranteeing that your residence stays secured and because of them having separate logins, you can be certain it is them.

Targeting rural properties

An overgrown garden, surrounded by barricades and a private outlook from the road could make the ideal thievery prospect. So, guarantee to regularly tend to your garden, as not just will it advance the general look of your residence, it’ll deter a thief from locating hiding places. Our guide to garden security will assist you in sustaining tidiness.

In areas that require greater safekeeping – for instance, your driveway or patio – you could setup an outdoor camera to guarantee continuous guard. Doing away with any possible blind spots because of its impressive 140° panorama view, be certain that no pilfering will go unnoticed.

Overcoming home security barriers

Dwellings that don’t have safety measures set up can possibly be ideal objectives, so advertise that your real estate is completely safeguarded. Demonstrating surveillance cameras, alongside signage and decals to indicate you have a protection system installed is one method to make a thief search for an alternative target.

Planning the burglary

While many burglaries are perpetrated impulsively by taking advantage of available chances, others are meticulously premeditated. Burglars may pretend to be amiable neighbours, repair persons or vendors when scouting out a building, harvested information assisting in their breach plan. Guard your abode vigilantly from strangers who show up without prior notice or those incapable of delivering valid ID.

Prevention of forced entry

Studies show that the majority of criminals enter residences through the main entrance – via force or by exploiting an open doorway – with initial floor windows and rear entrances being the second and third most frequently utilized entry points.

In this regard, those who own a home must make sure to secure doors and windows prior to setting off, and verifying that there are no structural issues with the unlocking method – which may facilitate access.

As an additional security feature for your entrances and windows, you might consider installing door sensors, which will send an alert when activated. Also wise to invest in a glassbreak detector, which can recognize the sound of shattering glass and consequently trigger an alarm.

Outdoor tools

Steps, receptacles, seats and mauls all aid in facilitating an intruder’s entry – whether that is to ascend via a window or to smash one in. To guarantee your domicile remains protected, make sure you either lock these utensils in an impenetrable storage shed or leave them inside your dwelling.

Rummaging through your bins

Avoid letting a thief utilize your trash against you by tearing up records that present clandestine data, as a thief may manipulate these to get entrance to your home. Furthermore, in case costly hardware or electronics have been recently delivered to your residence – and you have left cardboard bundling on your parking area – this could entice a thief inside. Instead, keep that empty packaging inside the house until collection day.