The Smarter Way To Keep An Eye On The Kids This Summer

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Summer holidays are almost here meaning the little ones are getting ready to get up to a whole lot of mischief.

We love our kids, after all they are the best thing to ever happen to us. But let’s admit it, every child has a ‘trouble’ gene inside them. This means keeping an eye on them can be exhausting – especially when they’ve got all that free time to burn during the summer.

The good news is you no longer have to be psychic to know if the little ones are getting up to something. Smart Home technology lets you know what is happening in your home giving you more time to relax on those long summer days.

Easy, Smart and Secure Access

Not knowing if your kids got home okay is the number one concern of all parents. You trust them to stay safe while their out but that pang of worry always remains. Smart locks and security monitoring restrict access to your home. Users are given codes to enter the home. Individual codes can also be set so you know if its Laura or Connor who has returned home safely. User codes also eliminate the need for keys, so you don’t have to leave spare keys lying under mats or bins.

Instant alerts mean you know that moment any of your kids leave or return to the home, giving you peace of mind that the ones you love are safe.

Stay Aware of Activity  

Contact sensors send alerts to you the moment that are set off so you know if any windows or doors have been pried open. But did you know that these sensors actually have a multitude of uses? You can install the sensors in any sensitive area in your home so you know if the kids are trying to enter somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Our installers can simply fix wireless door sensors to doors, drawers or cabinets so you are alerted if your kids access areas such as the medicine cabinet. Be as imaginative as you wish! If the Playstation is kept in a cabinet you will be notified if it has been opened when it is not allowed.

Smartzone Ireland Children Safety

Know who is at the house

Do your older kids have a habit of inviting friends around when they’re not supposed to? With our video monitoring system you can directly see who is hanging about your house.

The Smart Cameras can be triggered by activity meaning it can capture clips the moment the front door is opened. This clip will then be immediately sent to your phone so you know exactly who is coming and going from your home.

You can also live view from the cameras so you see what is happening in real time. This is perfect for ensuring your kids aren’t getting up to too much trouble and that the babysitter is actually minding them and not spending all her time on Instagram.

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