The Benefits of Home Alarm Systems: How They Can Keep You and Your Family Safe

It’s only natural that we all want to protect our loved ones, our homes and our possessions – it’s a concern that every homeowner and tenant shares. All of us want to be sure we have the right home alarm systems in place to avoid letting burglars think they can have their way with our homes and our valuables. Likewise, we need to know that our homes are equipped to deal with any possible incidents that may arise with electrical, plumbing or heating systems. While there are no one-step fixes to guarantee our homes are fully secured, there are steps in the right direction.

In this home alarm system guide, we at Smartzone want to introduce you to the range of devices you can access through our products and services, so that you can make a more informed choice about your home’s security. We’ll touch on the various fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and water leak alarms currently available, and how they simplify the entire process of making your home safe. Following that, we’ll walk you through how burglar alarms and related surveillance equipment can be installed in your home – and maintained – with zero fuss.

Our aim is to show you that keeping your home safe and secure can be made simple, and that Smartzone is the most qualified service provider.

Security is a right that every community has always looked to protect. In the modern age, homeowners and tenants still seek to enjoy this same right, except through slightly more sophisticated means. Video monitors, keypads, motion sensors and contact sensors have each been a standard of modern home alarm systems for many years. The difference in today’s connected age is that they can be integrated into a system that is easy to use for you at home, all controlled from your smartphone screen. The benefits of security remain the same – comfort and peace-of-mind for you and your family – and with today’s range of affordable user-friendly systems, the costs have actually never been lower.

Dividing Home Security Risks into Categories

A handy approach to thinking about security is to divide the risks into those that are environmental, such as a fire or leak caused by faults in a heating or plumbing system, and those that are social, such as burglary or vandalism. Our Smart Home security system has home alarms to cover all these bases. And with our Smart Home App, you get to keep an eye on everything in one place, instead of getting tangled up in multiple different gadgets and the headache that can bring.

Smoke, Fire, and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Image of a fire alarm ringing.

Smartzone takes a dual approach to minimising the risk of fires starting or spreading, with our Smoke Detector and Smart Heat Detector. With its built-in siren, our Smoke Detector does the job of a traditional smoke detector, but also as part of our Smart Home ecosystem, it alerts you directly to your phone if it detects anything out of sorts. Our Smart Heat Detector’s job is to spot any dramatic increase in temperatures in the home — either at a rate of above 8.3°C per minute, or if overall temperatures exceed 57°C. Again, it will alert you to any hazard with its built-in alarm and with a message straight to your Smart Home App.

Smoke and fire are one thing, but what about the less discernible kinds of threats we need to be mindful of? Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that is colourless, odourless, and tasteless. Our Carbon Monoxide Detector is an essential component of the Smart Home Security System, providing 24/7 protection capable of detecting even very minimal levels of CO in your home. It is battery operated and completely wireless, which means hassle-free installation for you.

Water Leak Sensors to Prevent Water Damage

Another essential consideration is the risk of water leaks. Again, Smartzone can offer an easy solution that acts fast to trigger an alarm in case of any sign of such a situation. Our WLS-16 is designed to alert you before any kind of disaster happens – not after the fact – and to reduce the risk of water damage. Whether in the kitchen or elsewhere, it’s an ideal, user-friendly means of keeping your home dry and your mind at ease.

Home Security and Burglary Prevention

Environmental risks like these aside, the other big risk that you want to keep at bay is that of your home being burgled or vandalised. With our series of house alarms, motion detectors, door and window sensors, and smart CCTV, you’re guaranteed to minimise the chances of any such incidents on your property.

The days are gone when these were the preserve of big corporate or government buildings — or something you only saw in action movies. But that’s not even news. While many homes have been equipped with such tools for a long time now, the real development today is that all of these measures can be put in place in a way that is individually suited to your home, easy to use, and affordable.

Photo of a man committing burglary.

Motion Detectors and Door and Window Sensors

Motion sensors are key to any well-functioning intruder alarm system. Our compact and low-profile devices will let you know immediately when any kind of unexpected movement occurs in your home. If these devices detect an intruder, they can be configured to trigger a home alarm, alert you via your mobile device, and even to contact the authorities. These motion detectors are compact and equipped with a selection of sensitivity levels. When coupled with our door sensors and window sensors, you can rest assured that your home is not a welcome place for any unwanted visitors.

Home CCTV Camera Systems

So, what might be left to think about on this front? If you feel you’d prefer another layer of security, then we recommend you consider our Smart CCTV packages. We offer a range of internal and external security cameras that are also microphone-equipped. They are guaranteed to watch over your area of choice 24/7 and can be set up to send a video stream or video alerts straight to your phone.

Monitored Vs Unmonitored Systems

Now, let’s say you’ve decided on what areas of your home you feel you need to keep an eye on — what else is there to consider? The final fundamental to think about is whether you want to go with a monitored or an unmonitored system. Now, of course, installing any Smartzone system means that your house is being monitored by multiple devices and that if something comes up, these are going to alert anyone in the home, in the vicinity and also you directly on your phone. Nonetheless, these features combined still make up what gets called an ‘unmonitored system’ in security speak. Why? Because of course, it can always help to avail of an extra backup team that gets alerted in the case of any alarms going off. With a ‘monitored system’, you get all of the above, plus the extra assurance that our response team will be notified too. In such a case, Smartzone’s team will alert all of your listed contacts. Or in the case of an emergency, such as a possible break-in, the Gardaí will be contacted promptly.

Installation and Maintenance

 Untitled design 2So, if you feel that a Smartzone system sounds like a more efficient security option, you’re maybe thinking that the setup is at least going to be a big job — not at all. Our professional installers will get your house set up with a full wireless system in just a matter of hours. Then they’ll talk you through how the Smart Home App works, so that you’re at ease with your new, smarter system.

Right, your system is up and running – what about keeping it that way? If you’re worried that you get a Smart Home system set up and then it’s left to you to maintain it, don’t be. Our customer service team is on hand to talk you through any issues that might arise with your Smartzone products or app. You won’t just be left with some gadget in your lap for you to figure out: we’re just a call away and ready to send an engineer to your home in the event that you have a technical issue that needs sorting.

Who Can Install a House Alarm System?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best person to install a home alarm system depends on a variety of factors. Some of the things you’ll want to consider include the type of system you’re looking to install, the size of your home, your budget, and your DIY skills.

If you’re looking for a simple, do-it-yourself home alarm system, then you might be able to install it yourself. However, your system will be far more reliable and secure if it’s installed and maintained by trained professionals.

How Often Should You Test Your Home Alarm System?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the type of alarm system you have, the age of your system, the frequency of false alarms, and your personal preferences. However, most experts recommend that you test your system at least once a month to ensure that it is working properly.

Now You’re Ready to Get Started

Still have questions? That’s what we want to hear. Here, we’ve just tried to offer a snapshot of why we are the leading providers of Smart Home Security in Ireland. If you want to get a more thorough idea about our products and services, take a look at our website or download our e-brochure. Or better yet, go straight to this quick signup form and let one of our team give you a home alarm installation quote today. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.