What is the SEAI Better Energy Homes Heating Control Grant?

Heating Controls SEAI


The SEAI ‘Better Energy Homes Heating Controls’ grant – it’s a bit of a mouthful and can leave many homeowners scratching their heads. 

However, there is nothing complicated about the grant, and it is far more straightforward than many would believe. This grant, and many others offered by the SEAI, are helping create energy efficient homes around the country. So too is Smartzone by helping owners with the Heating Controls grant application. 

So who are the SEAI, what is the Heating Controls grant and how can you use it to create an energy efficient home?


Who are the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland?

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) was founded by the Irish government in 2017. The SEAI was established with the core aim of revolutionising how we use energy in Ireland. 

Working with businesses and homeowners, the SEAI hopes to achieve energy sustainability and encourage the transition to clean energy usage. 

The Authority offer various grants to homeowners so they can renovate their homes to make them more energy efficient. These include grants for insulation, heating pumps, solar panels, and of course, heating controls.


What does the Heating Controls grant involve? 

A massive 80% of the energy used in Irish homes is to heat both space and water. This means that the emissions from heating methods can be concerning (depending on the method), hence the reason why the SEAI offer grants for heating controls to the public. 

The grant in question is offered to homeowners who occupy homes that were built before 2006, and have not claimed the heating controls grant before. If your home was built in 2006 or after, it would have been constructed according to newer building regulations and wouldn’t require significant energy upgrades. 

Heating controls are effective in reducing the energy used in your home by up to 20%, saving you an average of €300 per year on your energy bills. Homeowners who can avail of the grant continue to save significantly as the SEAI offers a cash grant of €700 for two and three zone heating controls. 


Smartzone SEAI Heating Controls GrantWhere does Smartzone come into this? 

Smart Home is designed for convenience and control. Smart Home combines various aspects of the home – including heating controls. Smartzone offer Smart Heating Controls both as part of our Smart Home Security Package and as a standalone product. 

Due to our partnership with the SEAI we can offer Smart Heating Controls at a seriously discounted price when a customer’s home is eligible for the grant. 

In order to do so, we apply for the grant on behalf of the customer. This eliminates the stress of the paperwork – after all, we are all about making the lives of our customers easier. 

During the Free Home Assessment our assessors can check to see if the house was built before 2006. All we need then is the customers MPRN number which can be found on the top of any electricity or gas bill. It’s that easy! 

Our current Smart Heating Controls offer gives you 3 zone controls and two Free Smart Plugs for only €399!



For more information on Smart Heating Controls our Customer Service Team on 021496248 or check out our website on www.smartzone.ie