What’s The Best Smart Security Camera?

Best smartzone home security cameras

We get asked multiple times online and in our Douglas Showrooms about security cameras. Most people are curious as they don’t already know much about the cameras or are stuck on making a decision as to which one to choose.  

Here at Smartzone we provide a variety of cameras to suit different needs. We offer HD cameras. Wide-angle cameras. 1080p cameras with night vision. Indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras!

There is so much to consider when choosing a camera, but you must remember it’s not just about the camera but about the platform too.

Our cameras, and the rest of our products, are supplied by a trusted American Smart Home Company, Alarm.com. As Alarm.com provide the products and app which they are controlled on, it means that you can control and view what is happening in your home from the one place. So, video alerts and customization options all happen through the app.

Our cameras come fully integrated into our platform and app through your smart home security system. As well as best-in-class hardware, they give you advanced video features, extra home security benefits, and an easy, professionally-supported experience.

1: View what’s is happening from anywhere, anytime.

Smartzone view anywhere smart home camera


Investigating a strange noise you heard outside, or just greeting some unexpected visitors, the app makes things so much more simple.

The app lets you stream from any of your security cameras straight to your smartphone, tablet or desktop. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can view what’s happening if your alarm goes off. You can then verify or cancel the alarm signal – all from the same screen.

Cloud storage with the app ensures that you can watch recorded footage, download and even share as you please.

2: Stay in the know with intelligent clips and alerts.

Smartzone Smart Security Camera Alert

The motion detector feature on security cameras can become a nuisance when you’re receiving notification after notification.

However, Smartzone’s security system intelligence means that our cameras understand what is going on. It gives you the power to customize alerts, so you can turn off all alerts from indoor cameras for when your system is disarmed.

Setting up triggered video alerts is just another clever feature of our security cameras. For example, if you want to make sure the kids got home from school on time an alert can be set so you will receive a video clip from the hallway camera when the front door is unlocked.

3: Get better crime prevention features.

Cameras not only act as a deterrent, but also work with your other security features including smart locks so you can ensure your home is locked to keep it safe, or even unlocked to allow access to delivery men or neighbours.  

4: Professional installation and support makes it easy.

Smartzone security camera installation


Have you ever installed security cameras?

When you purchase with Smartzone, you can rest assure that your camera system will be professionally installed. Our installers are also on hand to show you how everything works and ensure that you feel comfortable with the system before they leave.

If you ever have any issues, one of our team will call out to your house, at a time that suits you and resolve any issues the camera may be having.

This is just one of the major reasons why to choose Smart Home as a Service.


How to get a Smartzone Video Monitoring system?

Smartzone offer CCTV solutions as an add on to our security package. For more information on Smart Home Security check out our website or call us on 021 4966248.