Whole Home WiFi: The Best WiFi Extender For Your Home

Whole Home WiFi Stream TV


Picture the scene. You’ve come home after a long day at work. You hop into bed after running some errands, switch on Netflix and get ready to watch your favourite show. The screen begins to load, 10%, 20%, 30%…and stops. 

You know the story. You’re WiFi is fast… but only when you’re close to the router. Unfortunately, your connection just isn’t strong enough to reach every area of your home. 

Smartzone have released a Whole Home WiFi solution to solve this very problem. Whole Home WiFi is a superior WiFi booster that gives you connection in every corner of your home, meaning sites like Netflix will load without annoying lagging. 


What is Whole Home WiFi 

Whole Home WiFi uses what is called a mesh network. The mesh networks use hubs, just like the ones we offer, to provide internet connection over a large area, which traditional routers may not be able to do. 

The hubs work just like the WiFi extenders that you may already be familiar with. However, these hubs work as one network for greater convenience. You don’t have to connect and reconnect to a different WiFi extender while you move through your home. 

The purpose of the hubs is to eliminate any WiFi dead zones, or blackspots, in your home. Seamlessly stream movies, play online games or even work from home without fear of losing or lagging connection, meaning you can work or play uninterrupted.  

The stylish discs are suitable for any style of home and their compact nature means they blend in nicely to your home’s interior. 

The hubs connect to the WiFi connection you already have to boost it. While the mesh network doesn’t speed up your internet connection it can work with all suppliers so you don’t have to worry about network compatibility. 


Whole Home WiFi and the Smart Home

Smart Home WiFi Extender

Smartzone’s Smart Home Security conveniently works off both internet and GSM (mobile connection). The devices will continue to work even if broadband goes down. An incredibly handy feature! 

However, if you want to add security cameras for extra protection you will need a fast and stable WiFi connection. 

Our Whole Home WiFi extender ensures a constant and stable connection so you have the choice to add cameras to your system. It’s also perfect for Smart Plugs, Smart Bulbs and more as these devices need a strong connection to communicate effectively with each other 

Managing Your Kids WiFi Time 

Whole Home WiFi Parental Controls

Our Whole Home WiFi does so much more than just providing connection all over your home. It’s also an effective way to manage how much time your kids spend online and what sites they visit. 

You can easily set schedules so the little ones go to sleep and don’t spend the whole night on their tablet, mobile or PC. The ‘Bedtime’ feature switches off access for your young ones through the night, so they can only access sites during the day. 

Managing how your children use the internet has never been easier as you can block inappropriate websites while they still remain free to roam suitable sites. 

Ability to pause the internet means that dinner time is tech free and the kids aren’t distracted while doing their homework. 


For more information on Smartzone’s Whole Home WiFi solution check out our webpage here.