Why Smartzone is your go to for Security and Heating

Why Smartzone?

Smartzone works to secure homes all over Ireland with the latest innovations in smart home technology. Smartzone is unlike most security companies. Why? Because we are the only companies in Ireland that can also integrate heating controls into your home security system. 

Our strategic partnership with SEAI ensures that if your home was built pre-2006 you may be entitled to a grant of up to €750 aimed at improving your energy usage.  

So, for our incredible integrated bundle you can protect your home and its contents and save money on your energy bills!

If it is possible for you to avail of this grant, we can also offer a free BER cert worth €200. Under EU law all properties that are sold or rented must have a BER carried out. This is a detailed assessment of the dimensions, building fabric, energy usage and energy production of a property.


Smartzone Smart Thermostat Heating Controls Energy Star

Our Heating Solution

With Smartzone you can easily take control of your heating controls and heating schedules to meet your needs.

We offer a 3-zone heating system that allows you to control your upstairs, downstairs and hot water heating controls.

The Geo-services feature lets you set an invisible boundary around your home. This intelligent boundary lets your smart thermostat know when you’re away, when you’re on your way out and when you’re on your way back.

The thermostat adjusts the temperatures depending on where you are. You can come back to a nice warm house after work and decrease temperatures when you’re away to save energy and keep your heating bills down.

In homes that cannot be zoned we can offer control of each individual radiator through use of thermostatic radiator valves. Set schedules with our TRVs or control each one from our app. With our smart heating solution, the customer is in control.