Why Use Smart Video Monitoring at Home?

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You Smartzone Smart Home Security package already provides your home with award-winning security, and by adding Video Monitoring you can give your home even greater protection.

Smart Video Monitoring gives you a watchful eye even when you’re away, providing you with ultimate peace of mind. Smart Home Video Monitoring is so effective and is becoming so popular that it is predicted make up 18% of the overall camera market by 2022.

With the steady increase in Smart Home cameras, why should you consider Smart Video Monitoring for your home? 

High Definition Monitoring 

Our camera films in High Definition giving you crystal clear image straight to your phone or tablet. Through the app you can easily access the live video feed to see what is going on at any time of the day, no matter where you are. 

Both the Bullet and Mini Dome cameras use IR night vision to give high quality images even in the dark. 

Deter Burglaries 

The average burglar spends only a few minutes in houses they break into. Their priority is to break in and leave as soon as possible. The last thing any burglar wants is the risk of getting caught. This is why cameras act as effective burglar deterrents. Our indoor WiFi camera and outdoor video doorbell also have intercom systems – scare away any burglar by warning them that you will be calling the guards. 

Greater Insight Into Your Home

Smartzone Video Analytics Ireland

Our newly released Video Analytics is transforming Smart Video Monitoring by giving you greater insight into what is happening in your home. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Video Analytics, can tell the difference between a car, animal of human. You can set the feature to notify you if a person is lingering around your home but not if the neighbours cat has been hanging around for a while. 

The system intelligently learns routine activity so it will only send you notifications for any important events. For example, you will not be notified when the postman delivers the post but will be if someone unexpectedly shows up at your home. 

You can even create zones and virtual multi directional ‘tripwires’ around your home. You will receive an alert the moment someone or something crosses these lines or enters a zone. 

Speak with guests

The intercom feature allows you to speak with guests who show up at your front door. Once the Video Doorbell is pressed, you will get a notification to your phone where you can see and speak with any visitors. 

Our indoor WiFi camera also has an intercom feature so you can talk with family members and even pets while you’re away

Our standalone Video Monitoring Solutions start at €10 per month. If you would like to know more call us on 0214966248 or visit our website

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We will be in touch soon to answer any questions you have. You can also book a Free Home Assessment when speaking with one of our customer service representatives.

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