You’ll Relax Better This Summer with Professional Monitoring

The warm weather has arrived. Summer plans are starting to come together. Between your kids’ activities, days out with all the family and summer holiday plans, you’re going to be away from home more.

For peace of mind, maybe you’re considering installing a smart device so you’ll know about suspicious activity at home when you’re not there. Connected cameras can send you smartphone alerts, for example. There are even security solutions with connected sensors that alert you if a door or window opens.

Peace of mind, one alert at a time. Right?

Or is there something missing here? Consider these questions:

1: Will you catch every alert?  

relax 1

What if there’s a break-in at home, and you get an alert—but you miss it? What if you’re swimming, or at the movies with your family, with your phone on “do not disturb”? Maybe you’re on an airplane, or just taking a nap?

2: Will you respond to every alert?

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Investigating every alert for suspicious activity isn’t easy. You can get overwhelmed, especially with standalone services that don’t understand enough contexts to recognize harmless activity like a cleaner entering your home.

If you’re holidaying, meanwhile, would you know what to do if you spotted suspicious activity at home? If you’re overseas, for example, dialling 999 won’t connect you to your local law enforcement or fire department.

3: Is there a better way to protect your home? 

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Don’t get us wrong: smartphone alerts from home are great. They can let you know that everything is going okay at home, or that you need to call and check in with your teen.

For a real emergency, however, you need professional security monitoring.

Every Smartzone smart security system includes this service.  No matter where you are, or what time of day or night it is, you’ll have a trained security professional ready and waiting to respond to an alarm signal from your home by alerting your local law enforcement or fire department on your behalf.

relax 4 technology comes with other proactive safeguards too. You’ll get crash and smash protection, our dedicated cellular connection and our Insights Engine.

What about smart devices? You can incorporate a full range of those too, like a video doorbell to deter and identify suspicious visitors, a smart lock to protect your deliveries, and smart smoke detectors for better safety.

For peace of mind this summer and all year round, there’s no better solution.